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On one side of the room, it looks like Candy Land. Thankfully, more women seem to feel the need to dress like they are the hottest woman working at the North Pole. So why is this trend taking place? Over the Santa s sexy helpers five years, it seems like every female singer or model has to be seen in Christmas gear short on material.

If females are truly influenced by what they see in the media when it comes to style and fashion, we look forward to Christmases getting sexier and sexier. If we were going to give an award to a singer over the last 10 years who has been the most consistent tease, it would have Santa s sexy helpers go to Katy Perry. Those Big sexy women noir nu like ingredients to someone who is going to Santa s sexy helpers full MadonnaMiley or Gaga and share the goods with us.

Instead, we get a makeup pitch woman who seems to still want year-old girls to be her target audience. The tunes are catchy, but not great. For all her faults, she makes one damn hot Santa Claus helper.

In looking at this picture, we realize her pro wrestling doppelganger would be Sasha Banks. They have exactly the same body. She probably would have pulled it off with as much ease as Rita Ora does in this stunning photo.

Yes, it takes talent to be a cheerleader, but first and foremost it takes beauty. No Santa s sexy helpers who these ladies are but it brings us to the point of wondering if it matters. Santa s sexy helpers a woman sexier Santa s sexy helpers she is a celebrity who is well known? This is likely one of them. Does Kim possible naked images fact these blondes are not well known make them any less sexy?

But, this photo reminds us of why God gave humans two knees. Actually, we do know when that will happen: Never, ever, ever, never. We miss Playboy. The joke has always been people read it for the articles, but we always really enjoyed the Playboy interview and tried to tell people we also read the magazine for that feature. But, it turns out we were wrong. The Christmas issue was always a special one and this cover from was the only time the magazine chose to go with a non-photograph on its holiday cover.

Whoever this was based on is probably 65 now, so we may not want to sit on her lap today for fear of breaking her hip. Pretty Little Liars is one of those shows we like to watch with the volume down. While a lot of people gravitate toward Lucy Haleour favorite has to be Troian Bellisario.

Her father is mega-producer Donald P. The Bellisario family will never win the award for most nepotism between a daughter and father. The gold medal in that category will always be held by Aaron and Tori Spelling. The one thing we will give Troian is that Tori would never look this good dressed up for Christmas. Close enough, right? Some day, the E! Channel will stop making new episodes and Santa s sexy helpers about this nutjob family.

One of the nice things about this picture is that there is no way to identify who the lucky Santa Claus is, so go ahead and tell your friends it Slut in colorado springs you.

She guest starred in just about every show on television as a kid through the s, Santa s sexy helpers Naya Rivera got her first huge break playing Santana on the professional karaoke show Glee.

This must have been an interesting concept to try and Santa s sexy helpers to her prior to the photoshoot. Her willingness to participate in this wonderful work of art is an early Christmas present to us. For all her desperate cries for attention in what she wears and how she presents her sexuality, she can out-sing Her dad is country legend Billy Ray Cyrus and she took the lead role in Hannah Montana at a young age, so the spotlight has always been on her.

That usually creates humans who are a little off. However, unlike the drug and the fan convention booth route Big brown booty pussy naked former child stars take, she somehow became a superstar despite her clearly unapparent grasp on the reality the rest of us live in.

We hate to admit we liked the song, but have no problem fessing up to the fact we probably watched the Santa s sexy helpers online at least times. Except Emily. We're just going to call her Emily because Ratajkowski is tough to spell and tougher to say. She looks like she genuinely likes dancing around naked. Who is Courtney Stodden you ask? Well, she likes to wear bikinis and festive hats outdoors in the middle of winter with a guy dressed up like Santa Claus.

Is there any more you really need to know? It turns out, she has won both the Pulitzer Prize in Literature and the Nobel Prize for her work in the quantum physics field. Oh, and she released a solo sex tape in We expect nothing but big things from her in the future.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Courtney. One is at the strip club, the other is at a barbeque. Do you think the costume designer gets Santa s sexy helpers discount buying that many Santa coats, hats and red pairs of underwear at the same time?

How do you think they determined where the women were positioned in the photo? These are questions that need no answers. This photo feature women who are all 10s in our book. Leave A Comment. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

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