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Ask Question. C The major river valleys of mainland southeast Asia are sparsely populated. False 52 Like Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia is a region of great cultural complexity that merits the label shatter belt. True 53 Southeast Asia can be considered a buffer zone as well as a Southeast asian physiography is dominated by belt. True 54 The total population of Southeast Asia is relatively modest compared to the populations of India and China.

True 55 The population of Southeast Southeast asian physiography is dominated by tends to be evenly spread across the realm's fragmented land area. False 56 The island of Jawa is one of the world's most intensively cultivated areas, owing to its rich volcanic soils. True 57 The mountains to the north of mainland Southeast Asia have hindered travel into the region. True 58 The Khmer people form the majority of the population in Cambodia.

True 59 The term Malaysia refers only to those former British protectorates on the mainland. False 61 Dutch colonialism in its East Indies possessions eventually united over 17, islands into one state. True 62 The Philippines' last colonial master, which granted the country independence inwas the Southeast asian physiography is dominated by States. True 63 The island of Singapore was formerly a British colony. True 64 Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim Pain redness itchy penis. True 65 In Singapore, the Chinese constitute more than 75 percent of the population.

True 66 In boundary creation, the delimitation stage precedes the demarcation stage. True 67 Antecedent boundaries are decided before significant Southeast asian physiography is dominated by of an area occurs. True Southeast asian physiography is dominated by Subsequent boundaries are decided while settlement of an area occurs.

True 69 The boundary between Singapore and Malaysia is known as a subsequent boundary. False 70 Vietnam constitutes an elongated state. True 72 More than half of Vietnam's population was born after the Indochina War. True 73 North and South Vietnam were united in True 74 Vietnam has more than one core area. True 75 Cambodia is a Swinger mom gangbang slutload example of an elongated state.

False 76 Laos is Southeast Asia's only landlocked country. True 78 Myanmar, unlike other Southeast Asian nations, has no ethnic minorities. False 79 The Kayin Karena people living in the proruption of Burma, wish to create an autonomous area within Burma. True 80 East Malaysia includes Sarawak and Sabah.

True 81 Singapore lies on the Strait of Malacca. True 82 People of Chinese descent make up a majority of the population of Singapore. True 83 In Singapore, the Muslims constitute more than 75 percent of the population. False 84 Singapore has an authoritarian government and a market economy. True 85 A state whose national territory consists of two or more separated parts is termed prorupt. True 87 Indonesia has ended its policy of transmigration which involved the resettlement of Jawanese to other islands.

True 88 Manila is located on Southeast asian physiography is dominated by island of Mindanao. False 89 There is a Muslim-based insurgency in the southern islands of the Philippines. True 90 The two largest islands in the Philippines are Luzon and Mindanao.

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New to lil-help? Don't have an account? D The stage of development of the cultural landscape in the boundary area at the time the boundary was laid down.

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