Now before we get down to business, a little word on the film. I went into the movie expecting to see a funny and relatively cheesy comedy featuring two big stars, the Rock and Zac Efron, and that is exactly what I got. There was lots of fun action, funny scenes, beautiful women and muscle! Basically everything you need for a bankable movie. Speaking of beautiful women, the film Zac efron beach body me with a new celebrity crush!

That Kelly Rohrbach was an absolute babe. While I was in the theater watching the film, the entire audience gasped — his physique popped out like crazy. The reason being, there was virtually no fat on his body. And ladies and gentlemen, that is the reason why he looked so damn crazy. He simply brought his body fat down to extremely low levels, while maintaining a natural amount of muscle.

His physique just holds so much detail. So I have to give Zac some serious credit for this discipline he must have had. Being that lean is incredibly impressive. It simply will be too difficult and there will be too many sacrifices. For example, maintaining an extremely low body fat can have negative hormonal consequences and your metabolism might suffer and you also might go crazy trying not to bite your arm off.

You see, as you get closer and closer to essential levels of body fat, your body has certain hormones that up-regulate to keep you at a healthy weight.

Leptin levels go down, which triggers you to eat more and conserve energy. Plus, from an aesthetics standpoint, being too lean gives your face an Zac efron beach body chiseled, skeleton look. You see, we all store a little fat in our face. When you drop fat, your face becomes slimmer and more angular. For example, see the photo below! When you get too lean, your face can look a little bit overly sunken in and skeleton like.

Again, the reason he looks so damn good is because Zac efron beach body has a natural amount of muscle for his frame, while being extremely lean. Besides, his veins popping out, which is an indication of low body fat not muscle sizehe looks like he has a pretty normal athletic build. This is where he looks absolutely astonishing without a shirt on, and relatively fit and athletic in clothes not big.

These three muscles have the biggest effect on your physique. As well, these three muscle groups most greatly contribute to the coveted V Taper, which is the most attractive sign of physical attraction in men. If you lean down to a low body fat, and build up your V taper shoulders, upper chest and latsyou will look truly amazing. I mean, he is pretty well known for having a six pack at all times.

My Zac efron beach body approach is to do a few sets of hanging leg raises, with legs absolutely straight and no swinging, whatsoever. Hanging leg raises are by far the best exercise you can perform to build incredible abs. For a full video on training your abs for maximum results, you can watch this video here:.

Here is how I would design Zac efron beach body workout to build a Zac efron beach body like Zac Efron. Of course, we are going to stick to the main principles that I talk about in the Warrior Shredding Program.

Three workouts per week to maximize recovery, a focus on key exercises for great aesthetics, Zac efron beach body utilizing reverse pyramid training for optimal strength and muscle gain. This program Zac efron beach body helped over 30, men all over the world build incredible bodies! The weighted pullups is one of our favorite movements for developing the musculature on the arms and back.

For Reverse Pyramid Training, you are to perform your heaviest set first for reps. Rest about 3 minutes Zac efron beach body sets. For Rest Pause Training, pick a weight you can do for about reps. Perform a set to exhaustion. Rest seconds and then perform a set of reps. Rest seconds and perform Sexy nude redhead women set of I need it black sativa rose. Do this one more time.

Make sure to Zac efron beach body the same weight the whole time. In order to see these results, recovery is key when following this plan. Kino Gainswhich contains creatine and carnitine to boost muscle growth and increase recovery, is a terrific post-workout supplement. It absolutely is do able.

Zac efron beach body said, where things will get very difficult is getting to that low of a body fat. My Warrior Shredding Program covers everything you need to do to build that lean chiseled physique. The program has resulted in some pretty damn crazy testimonials. So if you want a full blown program to lean down and build a Hollywood worthy physique naturally, pick up the program. Four Zac efron beach body on my warrior shredding program! Fasting everyday and lifting three days per week.

What a killer transformation. Well done buddy!!! Here's what he said: "Hey Greg! I Followed your WSP for about 4 months and got this! Zac efron beach body dropped a bunch of fat while gaining muscle at the same time?!! Your program gave me such a confidence booster it's insane and I couldn't thank you enough! Pretty damn crazy 3 month transformation accomplished by Tim!!! He dropped 23 lbs in 3 months and this is the first time he's been under lbs in 15 years.

Way to go man!!! Tim Zac efron beach body also a single father of two boys… The intermittent fasting and training suited him and his lifestyle perfectly. He also couldn't believe how much stronger he got following the reverse pyramid training. So proud of this guy!!!! Link in bio to join Project Beach Ripped! Excited to get lean with yah. Three month Kinobody transformation. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me… The crazy part is this guy was training just about everyday.

When he joined my program I had him in the gym just three days per week. He couldn't believe it. Physique progress is about nailing your diet and getting stronger. That's it. Share This Post:. Click Here Now. He looked like a human anatomy chart.

For example, see the photo below and notice the width of my shoulders, compared to my waist. Here are a few recent Zac efron beach body from the program :. View this post on Instagram. Learn more about the Warrior Shredding Program here. Posted in Celebrity Workouts. Greg O'Gallagher Greg O'Gallagher is the founder of Kinobody, a site dedicated to helping men and women achieve the lean, muscular, and aesthetic "Hollywood" physique. His fitness programs have helped hundreds of Zac efron beach body of people transform their bodies and change their lives in the process.

Use The Free Physique Tool.

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