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The city is predominantly Jewish with a significant Arab minority. Ramla lies along the route of the Via Maris Is there any real women in ramla, connecting old Cairo Fustat with Damascusat the intersection of the roads connecting the port of Jaffa with Jerusalem.

It was conquered many times in the course of its history, by the Abbasidsthe Ikhshididsthe Fatamidsthe Seljuqsthe Crusadersthe Mameluksthe Turksthe British, and the Israelis.

After an outbreak of the Black Death Slut in trinidad and tobagowhich greatly reduced the population, an order of Franciscan monks established a presence in the city.

Napoleon 's French Army occupied it in on its way to Acre. Most of the town's Arab residents were expelled or fled Is there any real women in ramla the Arab—Israeli War while others remained in the town. The town was subsequently repopulated by Jewish immigrants. In recent years, attempts have been made to develop and beautify the city, which has been plagued by neglect, financial problems and a negative public image.

New shopping malls and public parks have been built, and a municipal museum opened in Today, five prisons are located in Ramla, including the infamous maximum-security Ayalon Prison. The early residents came from nearby Ludd Lydda, Is there any real women in ramla. Ramla flourished as the capital of Jund Filastinwhich was one of the five districts of the ash-Sham Syrian province of the Ummayad Caliphate and Abbasid empire.

In the 8th century, the Ummayads constructed the White Mosque. Ramla was the principal city and district capital until the arrival of the Crusaders in the 11th century. The remains of this mosque, flanked by a minaret added at a later date, can still be seen today. In the courtyard are underground water cisterns from this period. A geographer, el-Muqadasi "the Jerusalemite"describes Ramla at the peak of its prosperity: "It is a fine city, and well built; its water is good and plentiful; it fruits are abundant.

It combines manifold advantages, situated as it is in the midst of beautiful villages and lordly towns, near to holy places and Is there any real women in ramla hamlets. Commerce Muscle girl bondage slave is prosperous, and the markets excellent The bread is of the best and the whitest.

The lands are well favoured above all others, and the fruits are the most luscious. This capital stands among fruitful fields, walled towns and serviceable hospices Ramla's economic importance, shared with the neighboring city of Lydda, was based on its strategic location. Ramla was at the intersection of two major roads, one linking Egypt with Syria and the other linking Jerusalem with the coast. In the early years of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalemcontrol over this strategic location led to three consecutive battles between the Crusaders and Egyptian armies from Ascalon.

It was a city of some economic significance and Is there any real women in ramla important way station for pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem. The Crusaders identified it with the biblical Ramathaim and called it Arimathea. Around Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela visited "Rama, or Ramleh, where there are remains of the walls from the days of our ancestors, for thus it was found written upon the stones.

About Jews dwell there. It was formerly a very great city; at a distance of two miles 3 km there is a large Jewish cemetery. Samuel of Shiloh unto this day". Ramla was sometimes referred to as Filastinin keeping with the common practice of referring to districts by the name of their main city. The city Is there any real women in ramla severe damage from earthquakes in Is there any real women in ramla,, and In the early days of the Ottoman period, Ramla was a desolate town with few inhabitants.

InMuslim families and 82 Christian families were living there. Of whom 11, were Muslim and 3, Christian. A bomb by the Jewish militia group Irgun went off in the Ramla market on February 18, killing 7 residents and injuring Ramla was captured on 12—12 Julya few days after the capture of Lydda.

The Arab resistance surrendered on July 12, [ 24 ] and most of the remaining inhabitants were driven out on the orders of David Ben-Gurion. Arab homes in Ramla were given by the Israeli government to Jewish immigrants arriving at this time. In Februarythe Jewish population was over 6, Ramla remained economically depressed over the next two decades, although the population steadily mounted, reaching 34, by In the s, Ramla was noted for its movie theaters and vibrant nightclub scene, which later relocated to Is there any real women in ramla Aviv.

The Tower of Ramlaalso known as the White Tower, was built in the 13th century. It served as the minaret of the White Mosque al-Masjid al-Abyad erected by Caliph Suleiman in the 8th century, of which only remnants remain today. The Hospice of St. Nicodemus and St. Joseph of Arimathea on Ramla's main boulevard, Herzl Street, is easily recognized by its clock-faced, square tower.

It belongs to the Franciscan church. Napoleon used the hospice as his headquarters during his Palestine campaign in The Ramla Museum is housed in the Is there any real women in ramla municipal headquarters of the British Mandatory authorities. The building, fromincorporates elements of Arab architecture such as arched windows and patterned tiled floors.

Afterit was the central district office of the Israeli Ministry of Finance. Inthe building became a museum documenting the history of Ramla. The Pool of Arches, an underground water cistern, is currently under restoration. Also known as St. The Giv'on immigration detention centre is located in Ramla. Archaeological excavations in Ramla conducted in — unearthed the remains of a dyeing industry Dar al-Sabbaghinhouse of the Dyers near the White Mosque; hydraulic installations such as pools, subterranean reservoirs and cisterns; and abundant ceramic finds that include glass, coins and jar handles stamped with Arabic inscriptions.

In Maya cave containing several previously unknown species of invertebrates was discovered in Ramla. A bulldozer working in the Nesher cement quarry on the outskirts of Ramla accidentally broke into the subterranean cavern. The finds have been attributed to the cave's isolation, which has created a unique ecosystem. With several large halls on different levels, it measures 2, meters long, making it the second largest lime cave in Israel.

One of the finds was an eyeless troglobite or a blind scorpion, given the name Akrav israchanani honoring the researchers who identified it, Israel Naaman and Hanan Dimentman. All ten of the blind scorpions had been dead for several years, possibly because the food supply in the cave had dwindled.

Seven more species of crustaceans and springtails were discovered in "Noah's Ark Cave," as it has been dubbed, several of them unknown to science. Inthere were 32, males and 30, females. The population growth rate in was 1. Ramla is the center of Karaite Judaism in Israel. Ramla also has about 2, Jewish residents descended from the Marathi -speaking Bene Israel community. According to CBS data, there were 21, salaried workers and 1, self-employed persons in Ramla in The mean monthly wage for a salaried worker was NIS 4, with a real increase of 4.

Salaried males had a mean monthly wage of NIS Is there any real women in ramla, with a real increase of 3. The average income for self-employed persons was NIS 4, A total of 1, persons received unemployment benefits, and 5, received income supplements.

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, Israel's sole producer of cement, maintains its flagship factory in Ramla. The station is located in north east side of the city. It was most recently reopened on April 12,having existed for over a century at the same location. The station was originally opened in April and is the oldest active railway station in Israel.

According to CBS, there are 31 schools and 12, students in the city. These include 22 Beautiful mature women posing nude in bed schools with a student population of 7, and nine high schools with a population of 3, Many of the Jewish schools are run by Jewish orthodox organisations.

The Arabs, both Muslims and Christian, increasingly depend on own private schools and not Israeli governmental schools. In the afternoons, Open House runs extracurricular coexistence programs for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children. Ramla is twinned with:. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia.

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