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Hello fellow fanfiction readers. Some of you may be reading my work for the first time, but for those of you drawn to this story because you are on my author list don't worry I should be working on the other Pokemon iris ass xnxx soon and hopefully update within the month. It's been a while since I've done this, but I think that I can still write with some of the best out there. This is Pokemon iris ass xnxx first Pokemon fanfiction, but the Black and White series is really good and I'm hooked so I figured why not write a story?

This story is NegaiShipping or AshxIris for those that don't speak shipper talk and takes place in episode 34 of the Black and White anime series, although it is not necessary to have seen this episode since my story deviates so much from the original.

If either of these offends you, turn back now. Ash and the group are on their way to Nimbasa City and along the way have decided to make a stop for lunch.

Cilan decides to make lunch for the group and Pikachu, Axew, and Pansage eagerly await its completion as Ash and Iris spend the waiting time swinging from vines. Cilan tries to keep his calm as he desperately tries to tune out the antics of his younger traveling companions. He was starting to lose his patience with Ash and Iris, but he shouldn't have to put up with it for much longer.

Lunch was coming along nicely and should be just about finished. Just a few more minutes…just then leaves started to fall from the trees and into the stew. Cilan was devastated. However, this simple gesture caused the entire pot to fall over onto the ground.

Ash and Iris both jumped down from the trees and saw the mess that was left of their lunch. Both exchanged looks before bowing and expressing their remorse. Iris stood beside him looking equally remorseful. We didn't think that we were getting out of hand. Pikachu and Axew looked embarrassed for their trainers while Pansage desperately tried to cheer up his own trainer.

However, the apology of his comrades did little to quell Cilan's anger as he looked at them. What will we have for lunch now? Ash happily ate his apple while Cilan looked less than impressed. Ash and Iris were currently walking through the forest, because Cilan had kicked them out while he tried to make something else for lunch. Cilan sent the two out to look for an Oran berry that was needed to finish off a dish that he was making.

The two young trainers decided to leave Pikachu and Axew behind in order to help Cilan with lunch. Whose idea was it to start playing around? This caused Iris to blush madly as her anger rose. Besides, I'm better at swinging than you are. Iris giggled lightly before jumping up into a tree.

Ash Pokemon iris ass xnxx after her and waited to hear what she had to Pokemon iris ass xnxx. Iris looked over the horizon, scanning the forest for a destination.

How lucky was it that she found an Oran berry tree off in the distance. The race began with Iris quickly gaining an early lead. Ash not wanting to be outdone tried to keep up with the aspiring Dragon Master by speeding up. The gap between the two lessened as time went on and Ash decided one final push would put him ahead of Iris. Ash grabbed onto a vine, but the vine snapped under his weight and he went falling down into a nearby lake.

Iris seeing this quickly came to Pokemon iris ass xnxx stop. Iris managed to pull Ash out of the lake without too much trouble. The two were soaked from their brush with death and decided to shed some clothing and let it dry.

Ash was stripped down to his boxers and Iris only had on her white undershirt and white pants. Iris's clothes left little to the imagination as not only were they tight on her form, but the water had soaked through them making them near see through.

Both Pokemon iris ass xnxx and Iris were feeling something and telltale signs were starting to show. Iris blushed while watching Ash try to air out his shirt. I could have been in real trouble back there. Iris's shirt was probably a little tighter than it should have been due to the water and the chill in the air had started to affect her by hardening her nipples. Also, Iris's already skin tight white pants hugged her hips like a second skin that made Ash want to just hold on to.

What's happening Pokemon iris ass xnxx me? You would have done the same for me. He was surprisingly more built than she thought. Of course, he was no muscle man but he definitely was not out of shape.

Eventually, Iris's wandering eyes made their way to the only article of clothing that the Kanto boy had on at the time. Understandably, his boxers were wet as well, but she could have Pokemon iris ass xnxx that she saw something move from inside. There is a chance, but I need to make sure.

Honestly, you're such a child. We're the same age! Ash had reacted just as Iris had expected him to. Then prove it! Iris giggled at his response. Stunned Ash just let the girl have her way with him before he finally caught on and started responding. Iris's hands were cupping Ash's face while Ash's hands quickly made their way to the tan girl's hips. Iris smirked at his enthusiasm and continued kissing him like they were connected at the face. Without realizing what was happening the two young trainers were moving faster to a point of Spicy roulette truth or dare return that would change their relationship forever.

All of this didn't seem to matter as Iris's hands raked down Ash's chest, while said boy had moved his hands from Iris's hips to the firm ass that seemed to mold into his hands. Iris felt this and moaned into the kiss, especially Antonella kahllo naked pic she felt a particular part of Ash's rise Pokemon iris ass xnxx the occasion. Breaking the kiss, Iris looked Ash in the eyes while moving her hand down his body.

Maybe this guy has something to say. The boy from Pallet Town moaned loudly as he was at the mercy Pokemon iris ass xnxx this girl from the Dragon Village.

Iris momentarily stopped her assault and Ash sighed in relief. However, it was short lived as the girl smirked and quickly tackled him to the ground. Iris made quick work of Ash's boxers, tossing the flimsy material in whatever direction the wind took them as she was finally able to see Ash in his naked glory. The brown eyed girl's eyes widened as she viewed the male form for the first time.

What is this? Why do I feel so hungry all of a sudden? Ash couldn't believe this girl. She had him on the ground aroused and naked, and was still making fun of him. I mean…AAHH" Again Ash's sentence was left unfinished as Iris once again silenced him, but this time she Pokemon iris ass xnxx it by grabbing a firm hold of his cock and pumping it up and down. She watched with Pokemon iris ass xnxx eyes glued to the firm piece of meat as a clear liquid started to come from the tip.

Being as curious as she was, Iris took a quick lick of the fluid. She paused as she contemplated the taste. Ash had thought something was wrong when she stopped pleasuring him. The feeling was indescribable to Pokemon iris ass xnxx boy who was feeling this for the first time. Iris sucked Ash's dick hard as she continued to draw precum from the tip of him.

I need more! Her left hand snaked down into her pants that were now drenched with her juices, instead of lake water. Seeing this, Ash brought one of his hands down and started to finger Iris's pussy. Iris let go of Ash's dick with a Twink barely legal shaved pop as she moaned out loud. Seizing a rare opportunity in which Iris wasn't assaulting him, Ash mounted an assault of his own on Iris's pussy.

However, this short victory over the tan girl was short lived as she immediately removed Ash's fingers and stood to her feet with an angry look on her face. That face was a lot less intimidating when given by a girl that had an immense blush on her face and a highly aroused body. The first thing to come off was her shirt and when it did her mocha breasts came into view with her Big juicy pussy gallery completely hard.

Ash watched in awe as she gave him a wink before turning around and bending over to start pulling her pants down slowly. Her body was on full display for Ash as her firm round and brown ass slowly came into view. Pokemon iris ass xnxx little too slowly for Ash who quickly got up and pulled her pants and panties all the way off before flinging them over with his boxers.

Ash moved his hands to Iris's breasts and started tweaking her nipples. Not to be outdone, Iris scooted back Pokemon iris ass xnxx planted Ash's dick firmly between her plump ass cheeks. She had a close up of Ash's dick for the second time today. Without missing a beat, Iris quickly enveloped Ash's dick in her mouth again. Ash moaned out loud before watching the way Iris's hips moved in front of his face.

Taking the initiative, Ash spread Iris's Pokemon iris ass xnxx lips and stuck his tongue in.

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