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At the beginning of September, I did a Reverse jackhammer sex position concerning the crazy gay sex positions we sometimes see in gay porn. In an attempt to add an element of shock factor, or to further distinguish themselves in a Hot girl fingering self of fierce competition, some studios and performers will try variations on the standard four gay sex positions.

However, two of these gay sex positions are becoming less and less crazy because everyone seems to be doing them:. Like most things in gay porn and most things in life this is mostly cyclical, and probably just a trend, just like Twins, Gingers, Sounding, and Fisting all were.

However, another thing I noticed about this Reverse jackhammer sex position was that it was performed mostly by Reverse jackhammer sex position men. Keep in mind that, though this list is non-exhaustive, you may feel exhausted after looking at it:. This goes to prove that older men CAN hang. You would think that since Troy Halston and Chad Brock are men over 30that their hips and backs and legs would have given out.

But these older men fuck in this position flawlessly. This respectable rendition of the reverse jackhammer, performed by Cole Streets and Alexander Garrett, is from an interracial gay sex scene, also at men over Cole Streets pulls off this position with ease, and his balls are left uncrushed in the process.

This rendition of the reverse jackhammer gay Reverse jackhammer sex position position is definitely my favorite of the three, though it also looks the most painful, and hardest to get in and out of. Someone tell me. What is it about THIS gay sex position that is making it more popular as of right now?

Garridan P. Faxton is a digital marketing specialist, copywriter, and social media enthusiast. He's also lover of porn; he saw his first porno when he was 5, Reverse jackhammer sex position it's been downhill ever since. Porn stars are his celebrities and porn scenes are his TV shows. He's also appreciative of all of the opportunities the industry has provided Reverse jackhammer sex position. Michael Owen-lowe.

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