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NEG Xper 5. My female friend and I are having a debate that we can't come to an agreement on. She says that it looks trashy and girls who don't know any better dress like that and are sending the Sluts in tight jeans and heels message to guys.

I say that it Sluts in tight jeans and heels great, it's normal and considered to be classy to have a nice looking pair of jeans and heels on pumps, sandals, slingbacks - your choice.

We're talking about doing normal everyday things like going to work, shopping, or going to a restaurant for lunch, whatever. Also, we're not talking about shoes a stripper would wear, just normal heels. If you need more detail, let me know. All opinions are much appreciated. Ladies, much appreciated for the all the responses so far, keep them coming!

Your insight is great. Also, if there's any dudes out there who have an opinion, type it up. Merry Xmas! Pretty amazing when you have every response going your way Have a great New Years! Share Facebook. Is it considered slutty to wear heels with jeans? Add Opinion. Xper 6. I love wearing heels with jeans as do most of my friends. I don't think it's ever passed our minds as being trashy. I mean, maybe if you're wearing a lowcut top with cleavage out to there. But what? What other shoes are we respectable women supposed to wear out?

You can only go so far wearing flats. If she thought wearing heels with a mini skirt was slutty or trashy, I'd no doubt agree. But jeans? Com'on lighten up. Well put! You've got my best answer Not at all! If the jeans were distressed and ripped it might look a little cheap, but nice regular wash or dark wash jeans are perfectly fine with heels.

The only other option would be with skirts, dresses or dress pants. Short skirts with heels for the "every day" look would definitely be trashy. But for work or shopping heels with casual dresses, jeans, dress pants, or pencil skirts are absolutely appropriate! I Werbung blonde big boobs porn it just looks ok.

I think heels, with Sluts in tight jeans and heels, I would rather wear a cute dress with it, like a shirt dress or a light summer skirt with heels or Sluts in tight jeans and heels capris, but not jeans. It depends how tight the jeans are. Tight jeans with heels accentuate a certain part of your body that you might not want to accentuate all Sluts in tight jeans and heels much!

Although I like that look, frankly, it's going to get the wrong kind of attention if you have a cute behind and the jeans are tight Xper 5. Ok 5 months too late, but I think jeans and high heels are wierd.

They are sort of a turn off. I would rather someone wear sneakers and jeans or a skirt and high heels. I've seen it on the street but I don't like it.

Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Do you like fancy dress apparel? Do you actually dress well to impress guys or girls? Why do you dress well? Girls, do you think it would be unique or cool to Sluts in tight jeans and heels snowmobiling gear instead of a winter coat? Do you like making Sluts in tight jeans and heels bathing suit wedgie instead of thongs also how do I look? Hot mzansi mommies porn Girls First Guys First.

I don't think it looks slutty! I think heels make an outfit look classy and clean. I have no idea why she would think it looks trashy to wear heels with jeans, I think it generally makes an otherwise boring everyday outfit look interesting! And who wears flats anymore for that matter? I think it is classy That is not slutty at all.

It's totally cute, I do it all the time. Now heels with shorts are slutty, but pants I say go for it. What does she think you're supposed to wear heels with? I don't know many people who wear skirts or slacks every day and we LOVE our heels. The girl who thinks not, what do you were? Is your friend amish, or of an old school religion?

Lilya Xper 2. I prefer the skinny jeans with heels, it looks really cute. Jeans with heels is not slutty at all. Personally I would rather wear a nice pants than wear jeans but that's just my style.

Slutty would be booty shorts and heels. That's slutty. You never know what's going on in someones life or head. He may be taking this in a diffrent way.

So just give him a little bit more time, and he'll soften up. Not trashy at all! If it was, they wouldn't plaster it all over fashion magazines, tv shows, commercials, ads, etc. Whoever said that it was, is an idiot All heels are slutty.

It means you are trying to push your ass up to look sexier. If that is your thing, go for it But I wish that girls didn't think that they had to flaunt their body in order to feel good about themselves. Confidence, and Sluts in tight jeans and heels are WAY more sexy than dressing like a hooker. KimmyB Guru. I agree with you I think its normal and can be classy!

AnnaRoxie Xper 4. I think it can actually look very classy. I was never a real big fan of this look but it's definitely not "slutty". They Sluts in tight jeans and heels look slutty, the hills WILL look slutty if you put them with a mini mini skirt and a blouse that doesn't have much fabric lol.

I wear heels with jeans all the time. It looks more casual then any other type of shoe with jeans. If you can't wear jeans with heels, what can you wear with them? Tennis shoes and sneakers seem so dressed downed and flats? I'm short enough, thank you! I think heels are universal - wear them with anything but sweat pants.

Jeans and heels are slutty? Is the girl Amish? There is nothing slutty about that. No way! Related myTakes.

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