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Please Log in or Adult center email finder friend message an account to join the conversation. Remember me. Adult Friend Finder. Start Prev 1 2 3 Next End 1 2 3. Sara Topic Author Visitor.

Adult Friend Finder was created by Sara. I recently found out my husband was viewing Adult Friend Finder. I asked him if he was talking to women via the internet and of course he denied it. I decided Adult center email finder friend message register with AFF and found his profile because he used his e-mail name. I Adult center email finder friend message him with my AFF name and he didn't answer for two weeks.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from him through his AFF account. He gave me all his stats and information about himself. How do I handle this? My gut feeling is to play this out and see if he tries to meet.

I feel sick about it. Please advise how I should move forward. Replied by beenthere on topic Adult Friend Finder. My suggestion would be to play it out. Before you Chubby mature latin boobs him about anything it would Adult center email finder friend message best to have as much hard evidence as you can.

Evidence that he can't explain or lie away. It will also be hard to act normal now that you know he may be a cheater. I would confide in a trusted friend to give you solid advice because this is going to affect you in ways that will make functioning very difficult.

Good Luck!!!! Nicky Topic Author Visitor. Replied by Nicky on topic Adult Friend Finder. Play it out. If you show what you have already, he will shut it down and you out very quickly.

I stepped on my foot and made him much harder to monitor. One suggestion is to put a keylogger on his computer so you can see what he is typing. I plan on doing this very soon. It is sad to have to live this way, but you will find out the truth much faster. Good Luck! I agree with the other person. I was in that same situation. MY soon to be ex-H lied so much. Said he just goes on myspace to look up old friends; Well I set up my own myspace profile.

The dog even offered to give himself up as a live sex toy to any of my female friends. I learnt so much from him. I played it in such a way that I live in his area however I drive to the nearest state frequently so I could be with parents.

I also let him know that I am dating, so I could always have an excuse to give him when he wanted us to meet. Good luck. Kat Topic Author Visitor. Replied by Kat on topic Adult Friend Finder. Adult center email finder friend message would carry on and see how far he takes it. My partner has done the same thing with loads of websites and has only met with one girl which he really regrets.

I am glad however that I know exactly what he was up to. If he does arrange to meet with the alternative you then at least you'll know and you won't be wondering forever. Replied by foolforlove on topic Adult Friend Finder. I think you should say you like pina coladas and making love in the rain.

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