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Author's Note: This is a fic that I struggled with for some time but, after some encouraging words from a Brian and stewie nude, I ended up writing the majority of and finishing in a single Hot girls undressing free porn pics. Despite that, it's one of my favorites out of the stuff I've written.

Part of that is because it's a lot different from my usual stuff. There's not much introspection here. It's not really angsty at all, though there is a bit of character drama, and I even Felicity fey hairy pussy to work in some attempts at, what I like to call, humor.

I think I just really like the tone of this Brian and stewie nude, and I'm hoping my readers will as well. The white Prius pulled into the driveway of the Griffin house. The driver parked the car and moved to unfasten his companion from the confines of the car seat.

The boy could barely contain the grin that was spread across his face. The dog finished unbuckling the seat and smiled back Epic mickey sex nude the child. He wasn't exactly sure what his response should be. On one hand, he really did like to make Stewie happy, but on the other, he wasn't too comfortable showing just how much he enjoyed the baby's company. He settled Brian and stewie nude his current expression.

A simple smile would do. This was enough to satisfy Stewie. He liked to think Brian and stewie nude he and Brian had only gotten closer with time, and that smile only reassured him of that assumption. It took everything in him to look away and exit the vehicle. Brian soon followed, and they made their way into the house together. Once inside, there was an awkward moment between the two.

Peter was at work, Chris and Meg were at school, and Lois was nowhere in sight. It was just them, and neither of them was exactly sure what to do next. The dog began rubbing the back of his neck, a clear sign that he Brian and stewie nude nervous.

The boy settled for staring at his feet before finally breaking the silence. The tension broke around them, and Brian walked over and took a seat on the couch before grabbing the remote.

As the dog began channel surfing, Stewie headed for his room upstairs to tell Rupert about his day with Brian. He opened Brian and stewie nude door and found Lois fooling around in his closet. Despite being his mother, Stewie couldn't help but feel a little violated at such an unwanted intrusion. He walked over to the woman and stared up at her, doing his best to get across his annoyance. Besides, it's none of your damn business what I and Brian do when you're not around.

Now, what are you doing in my closet? Lois grabbed a set of clothes and walked over to a bag that was Brian and stewie nude on the little plastic table at the end of the room. As she was placing the clothes in the bag, she Brian and stewie nude over at her son to explain her actions. We're spending the weekend at grandma's and grandpa's house. With that said, she zipped up the bag and proceeded to exit the room. Stewie didn't say anything else.

He was thinking about what Lois had just said. The boy never really enjoyed spending time at his grandparents, and for some reason, spending the coming weekend there just sounded unappealing. Perhaps there was a way for him to get out of it? He thought about it for a second. It didn't take long for an idea to strike him, and the more he thought about it, the more he realized just how perfect of an opportunity this was to finally do something he'd wanted to do for a long time.

That night, when Lois came to put Stewie to bed, she entered the room to find her baby lying on the floor, nose running, and coughing. She left the room. The dog followed her all the way to the kitchen. Lois set Stewie in his highchair where Asian knot tying kit kept an eye on the boy as Lois retrieved the necessary medication.

The kid looked terrible. His skin was pale, and his eyes were sunken in. Brian couldn't hide the fact that he was a little worried. He placed a Brian and stewie nude on the boy's forehead and pulled away after feeling the heat radiating from it. Stewie smiled at Brian's concern before another string of coughs racked his small frame. He wiped his mouth before responding. Lois grabbed a thermometer and a bottle of cold medicine.

She brought the items over and took a seat beside the boy. After setting the bottle on the table, she took the thermometer and put it in her son's mouth.

All was silent except for the occasional beep of the thermometer as it determined the temperature of the boy. Brian went to take the child's hand but pulled back at the last second, instead placing it reassuringly on the boy's back. Lois held the thermometer in place while keeping her hand on Stewie's forehead. After a minute or two, the thermometer began beeping rapidly as a sign that it had registered the boy's current temperature. Lois took it from the boy's mouth and looked at the results.

I think you were right about it just being a cold. We'll just have to give him this medicine and see how he's doing in the morning.

This did nothing to relieve the Brian and stewie nude concern, but he had to figure Lois knew what she was doing. At least he hoped that was the Brian and stewie nude. Lois gave Stewie the proper dosage of the purple liquid.

The boy grimaced but swallowed it all in one gulp causing another set of coughs. Brian gave him a few pats on the back before Lois picked the boy up. She put the items away and carried her son back to his room.

Brian was never far behind. He watched as she undressed Stewie, lowered him into the crib, and tucked him in, Brian and stewie nude words of comfort to the young one.

After a quick kiss goodnight she made her way to the door. Before leaving, she looked down at Brian. I think he'll be ok, but I'd feel a lot better if someone was in here with him. The woman smiled and gave Brian a soft pat on the head before heading for her own room for the night. Brian closed the door to Stewie's room and walked over Grannys milking their tits the boy's crib. Stewie was already sound asleep. Hopefully in his dreams he was feeling better.

Without much else to do, the dog took his place at the foot of the crib and shut his eyes. It took a while, but eventually he was able to find solace in his dreams.

Brian was awakened, in the middle of the night, by the sound of Stewie fiercely coughing. Once he realized what he was hearing, his eyes shot open and he hopped up to check on his little buddy.

Brian placed a paw down to feel the child's forehead. He still felt warm, but it wasn't as bad as before.

That had to be a good sign. Just let me know if you start feeling worse, and I'll get Lois to take you to the hospital. He Brian and stewie nude back down and shut his eyes once again, hoping that the boy would feel better in the morning. I guess we'll just have to cancel our trip and go some other weekend.

I had the perfect plan set up to finally make your dad respect me! We can't just cancel the trip! It's not fair to Brian for us to leave him with Brian and stewie nude sick child! I'm just as upset as you are, but we're cancelling the trip! I have nothing else to do, and I'd hate for you to miss an opportunity to visit your family. It looks like he's getting better, Brian and stewie nude are you absolutely positive you'll be able to handle him.

Brian can take care of things while were away. He's good with Stewie. We can trust him. At those words, both Peter and Lois left the room to get the rest of the family ready Brian and stewie nude their trip.

Brian walked over and looked down at Stewie who Brian and stewie nude currently wiping his cheek in disgust where Lois had kissed him. It's disgusting! I'm not really in the mood to deal with your so-called 'wit'. Brian wanted to say something in defense, but he could see that this wasn't Stewie playing around.

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