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All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Asked in Needs a Topic. How did chingy died? Chingy was born on March 9, Chingy is a Rapper. He sang the sang "I like it when you do dat right there".

Asked Did chingy say he was bisexual Music Genres Chingy Net worth? As of it is estimated that Chingy has a net worth of close to 10 million dollars.

Chingy is a musician as well as an actor. Yes Chingy has two kids, one of them is named Mykael. The rapper Chingy doesn't claim any gang. The lyrics of the Did chingy say he was bisexual Chingy Jackpot by Chingy can be found on the metrolyrics website, the azlyrics website, the sing website and the rapgenius website. Alternatively the youtube website will have karaoke videos where the lyrics scroll by on the screen.

Chingy Howard Bailey Jr. No it was just a rumor. Don't Worry - Chingy song - was created on Asked in Music Genres Is chingy bisexual? Yes, according to interviews and public pictures, Chingy is in fact bisexual.

He has had photos taken of him while he was kissing another man. Asked in Music Genres Chingy blood or crip? Chingy feat. Chingy is an even 6 feet tall. The rapper was born Howard Bailey, Jr. Louis, Missouri on March 9, Asked in Music Genres What is the religion of the rapper Chingy?

Black Hebrew Israelite. Asked in Blood Is chingy a blood or crip? BloodFrom B. Asked in Relationships Who did chingy Barberias naked teens pics his first son with?

His girlfriend back when he Did chingy say he was bisexual in his teens. Asked in Personal Finance, Celebrities What is chingy girlfriend name? Brittany perry Russell. You Tube would be the best place to watch videos of Chingy at the Holiday Inn. You can also watch them on MetroLyrics. Mtv, would also have these videos. You can look on the internet just about anywhere that offers videos and Did chingy say he was bisexual should have the videos of Chingy at the the Holiday Inn.

Asked Did chingy say he was bisexual High School What high school did chingy attend? McCluer North in Florissant. Chingy is currntly dating a female name Selena, who is best know for guest starring on th Jerry Springer show, where she revealed to her then boyfriend that she was actually born a man. Mykael is 11 in and Azea? Trending Questions.

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