Born on October 12,Kentuckian Josh Hutcherson began his career as a child actor at the age of ten and ascended meteorically to the top of his game, transitioning effortlessly within a few short years from television series episodes to telemovies to big-screen voice-over work to live-action parts in Hollywood feature films.

Hutcherson's career began when producers of the hit NBC series ER cast him in the "First Snowfall" episode of that program; it aired in late Hutcherson transitioned to telemovies the following year, as the grandson of Peter Falk, who accompanies the elderly man on a colorful road trip in David Mickey Evans' picaresque yarn Wilder Days Hutcherson debuted on the big screen inwith two back-to-back voice assignments on animated features.

That same year, Hutcherson topped these efforts with additional small-screen voice-over work in the episode of the televised animated series Justice League Unlimited entitled "For the Josh hutcherson as peeta Who Has Everything. Later that same year, Hutcherson tackled his first lead with premier billing in Mark Levin's Wonder Years-style coming-of-age dramedy Little Manhattan; in that film, the actor played Gabe, an year-old boy from the New York upper crust who must contend with a newfound Ancient egyptian hot ass pussy on a girl in his class Charlie Rayagainst the backdrop of his parents' tentative split.

That film also marked Hutcherson's first onscreen appearance alongside his younger brother, Connor. Concurrent with the release of Little Manhattan, Hutcherson received second billing after Jonah Bobo, as Walter, the eldest of two siblings, in Jon Favreau's underrated family-friendly sci-fi thriller Zathura adapted, like The Polar Express, from a Chris Van Allsburg tale.

Hutcherson's activity decrescendoed the following year, when he limited himself to one role, albeit one with great visibility -- that of young Carl Munro, the son of family patriarch Robin Williams, in Barry Sonnenfeld's nutty road comedy RV Inhowever, Hutcherson resumed his hectic workload with multiple A-list motion pictures. The first, Bridge to Terabithia, was adapted from Katherine Paterson's popular children's novel; it stars Hutcherson as Jess Aarons, a youngster who befriends classmate Leslie Burke AnnaSophia Robb and constructs a vivid fantasy world with her that ends in tragedy.

Animator Gabor Csupo, of Rugrats fame, directs. In spring of the same year, Josh hutcherson as peeta headlined another picture, Firehouse Dog, directed by Todd Holland. In that film, Hutcherson played an adolescent who teams up with the titular canine to resurrect a dilapidated firehouse. And in the summer release Journey 3-D produced under the working title Journey to the Center of the Earth, and a contemporized adaptation of the Verne novelthe young actor portrays the nephew of a geologist played by Brendan Fraser, with whom he discovers a passageway to Josh hutcherson as peeta "lost" universe at the Earth's core.

Hutcherson would continue to nurture a career in young adult cinema, appearing in the tween-favorite Circue du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant inand Detention inbefore signing on for the highly anticipated big-screen adaptation of the successful fantasy-adventure young adult book franchise The Hunger Games Josh hutcherson as peetawhich became one of the biggest box Josh hutcherson as peeta successes Homemade interracial lesbian porn that year.

That same year he had another hit with the special effects-heavy adventure film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. View All Photos. View All. Hero Boy I believe. Peeta Mellark "You love me. Real or not real. Katniss Everdeen Stay with me! Peeta Mellark They choose you. Peeta Mellark Are you still trying to protect me? Katniss Everdeen Real. Because that's what you and I do, keep each other alive.

Peeta Mellark Our lives were never ours. They belong to Snow and our deaths do to. But if you kill him Katniss, if you end all of this, all those deaths Peeta Mellark What's your favorite color? Katniss Everdeen Oh now you've crossed the line. Effie Trinket Eyes bright, chins up, smiles on. I'm talking to you Katniss. Peeta Mellark It's cozy. Effie Trinket Attitude!!! Effie Trinket Attitude! Katniss Everdeen How will they change you?

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Kailani I Josh hutcherson as peeta made that up. Mxyzptlk isn't a Josh hutcherson as peeta. It's one of Superman's archenemies.

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Danny [Everyone is sitting around a fire] What do you miss right now? Robert Pizza. Daryl Jenkins Playing Call of Duty. Robert Dude, we're living Call of Duty. And it sucks! Clapton Davis Your fighting style Josh hutcherson as peeta so obnoxious.

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