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Please click here to update your account with a username and password. Some features on this site require registration. Please click here to register for free. Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Watching the episodes of Roseanne where she returns, and you can notice a change in her. In fact, I don't think I've seen her in anything since then where she didn't appear completely out of it.

She had a blog for a while, dunno if she still does. She seemed weird, but very smart and funny. She was living in Williamsburg and working in a flower shop at Anorexic fake tits nude time. She was on SVU a few years ago as a mom wrongly imprisoned for killing her kid.

Tom Skeritt was the evil judge who put her away. I agree r Lecy goranson naked cunt, it was more believable that Sarah would be with Mark, than Lecy.

Did you see Lecy in the "Bunz" uniform? On the Larry King Live reunion of "Roseanne," Lecy was openly contemptuous and making fun of Larry being so out of it -- which could've been funny, but she just came off as trying to be ironic and superior. Yes OP R1 is Lecy.

Get a clue you Lecy goranson naked cunt piece of shit. The official excuse for Lecy leaving the show full time after the season was that she was going to Vassar which she was. She stayed Lecy goranson naked cunt for a few episodes of the season. Sara Gilbert left for Yale a year later, yet was still in most of the shows in the Lecy goranson naked cunt. However, the reason she left was that she was having an affair a producer or someone who was high up in the production of the show that had ended badly.

He may have been married and the relationship started when she was around years old. R22, I remember that story. Amazing how that prick got away with it. Maybe her expensive college education was part of the payoff. Apparently Roseanne was ticked at her Lecy goranson naked cunt sleeping with the producer and screwing things up. Roseanne had a hard enough time holding on to staff as it was.

Even if she had the affair, I still don't see why she would leave. Why not get rid of the producer? Probably because between Roseanne and Tom Arnold, there weren't a lot of producers left willing to work on the show by that point.

No she wasn't ticked off at her. They were willing to work around her college schedule like they did with Gilbert but from what I understood she was very emotionally fragile at the time and just couldn't continue with the show.

Ah ok r30, then either I or the tabloid got it wrong. Being that it was more than fifteen years ago, I really wouldn't know anymore. Howard Stern asked Roseanne about it and she was stunned that he knew about it. That was a couple of years Lecy goranson naked cunt. I agree with tinabina and another poster. Lecy was a far superior Becky than Chalke. Lecy's Becky fit with the family better.

She had bite. Chalke's Natural facial moisturizer olive oil was too weak and namby-pamby. Completely took me out of the character. Roseanne was the guest and he brought it up. Her response was, "How did you hear about that?!? But Deep inside black pussy wouldn't say anything more about it -- at least, nothing that was aired.

I was glad to see Lecy return Lecy goranson naked cunt the show. Lecy goranson naked cunt anybody know Lecy goranson naked cunt it was truncated? IIRC, she was back for a bit, then gone again, with Chalke returning yet again. And I did like her in BDC.

When they continued for another year, she opted not to renew. I also think that she was a better Becky. Becky was supposed to be a Type A, concerned with appearances, obnoxious kid. Sarah played her way too sweetly, and not nearly as driven.

She also didn't have the same type of constantly feuding sister relationship with Sara's Darlene as Lecy did. Granted, Sara was appearing only sporadically at that point. I remember Lecy's first ep back, they had a whole episode with her feuding with Darlene.

I didn't think of Sarah as much more than a pretty face placeholder. And then I saw her on Scrubs. I read an interview with her where she said that she learned a lot about comedy from watching Laurie Metcalf work, and Lecy goranson naked cunt showed on Scrubs. She nailed the character of a young single mom trapped in a hick town.

Had Becky Connor been a real person, I think that's all she would have ended up becoming, too. I think Darlene would've been the only Connor kid to break free and get the hell out of Lanford. As for DJ, hard to say what his fate would've been, but I do remember reading how, going into the show's final season, Roseanne wanted to make him gay and have him "come out" to Dan and Roseanne but ABC said no way.

They Lecy goranson naked cunt have brought her back. It wasn't the same again. And they should never have recast Becky either. The season or two after Actress joanna kerns nude had left were still good.

And that would've been the ultimate cruel irony. That the one who seemed to really give a shit would've gotten stuck, while the sister who based her whole adolescent persona on not giving a shit, might actually make it out of there. R36, my understanding is that Michael F DJ had issues about this and Lecy goranson naked cunt Roseanne and asked her not to make his character gay, rather than ABC saying nay, and she agreed to respect his wishes.

What I always wondered about was whether Jackie was originally supposed to Lecy goranson naked cunt a dyke. Roseanne's sister, who lived with her and her first husband for awhile, and who Jackie was based on, is a lesbian.

It would've been interesting to Real mzansi nude pic if Jackie had any better luck with women. And I'd have loved to see Laurie portray her as a lady lovin' Lecy goranson naked cunt. Unless you were talking about the reference to her character in Boys Don't Cry, who was a single mom.

My favorite episode was the one where Becky farted in school and Darlene tortured her over it until Roseann made her stop. Lecy gave a nice quirky performance in a little indie film, Love Ludlow, a couple of years ago and she Lecy goranson naked cunt great in Boys Don't Cry. Lecy was much better than Sarah Chalke. She and John Goodman were good together. Some of her best scenes were her fights with him over All natural tit porn, lack of money.

She rang true as a teenager. It looks to me like Lecy Goranson filmed a lot of her scenes for Lecy goranson naked cunt final season at the Lecy goranson naked cunt time. A lot of those episodes have her maybe in one scene. While it was weird to Lecy goranson naked cunt to her, she does stand out in the episode when she first comes back as well as the episode when Mark tries to throw a party in their trailer.

I never warmed up to Sarah Chalke but it's easier to watch her in reruns now because I know Lecy goranson naked cunt grows as an actress and becomes a good comedian. I always wished that since "Scrubs" was so surreal, that there'd be a scene when Elliot was played by Goranson and nobody notices.

I remember some Scrubs promotional bit where they asked the cast members what their nicknames were and Sarah said "New Becky. OMG, R53, it's so funny you posted that just now because I was sitting here trying to remember the name of the actor who portrayed Mark.

I remembered the Glenn but couldn't think of his last name. That's very sweet. I agree that Lecy was the better Becky, much truer to the family, but Lecy goranson naked cunt Chalke was likable enough and has certainly come into her own since. Roseanne's sister, who lived with her and her first husband for awhile, and who Jackie was based on, is a lesbian".

Roseanne did want to make Jackie gay in later seasons. Laurie M.

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