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Comment Restrictions To avoid disappointmentplease refer to the restrictions at the bottom of the page before commenting on blog posts. Most Husbands should know that when your wife assigns you a task she expects it to be Victoria beckham boob implants as requested and on time.

Howeverthese two Husbands are finding out the hard way that procrastinationsloppy work or plain disobedience will not be tolerated and carry severe consequences! When Art and Willie arranged their golf gamethey promised Faking boobs xxx poto wives they would be back in lots of time for the two couples to have dinner together at 7. Wellthings went on a little longer than expected Naked girl in frozen comics getting fd the Club house and the tardy pair completely lost track of time.

During their hurried journey homethey assured each other that their wives would understandand so what if they ate dinner a little late? A warm reception awaited them when they finally did arrive Naked girl in frozen comics getting fd, but things were about to get a lot hotter for them When these young ladies challenged their boyfriends to a friendly game of pool they were confident of winning until the stakes were agreed. If the ladies wontheir men agreed to take them on that luxury resort vacation they had been nagging them about for weeks.

Howeverif the guys won they would give their naughty girlfriends the bare bottom spanking that they had been warning them about for weeks. The ladies appeared to have a nasty sunburn on their posteriorsclearly visible through those thong bikinis He has tried everything to cure her tardinessbut here they are late again for an important event because she is not ready. This time he will teach her never to keep them late again. Despite her protests she will have to endure this evening sitting on the sorest bottom in town!

Every Husband should know that one of his biggest responsibilities is to pamper his wife and Naked girl in frozen comics getting fd her like a Queen. Howeverwith our busy lives we do tend to forget this and take her for granted. This is not acceptable. This unfortunate Husband is receiving a stern lesson and a lasting reminder not to forget that his wife must be pampered. So get pampering guys Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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