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I am puzzled by this. I don't. You'll hardly find young men of my age who do. And hey! That doesn't mean I like broomstick girls too o! I like them slim and curvy. I only knowthey like ass and breast. I think they are more tolerant to weight than others. That they accept it dose Nigerian fattest women with their nakedness mean they fancy it. But by all standands fat is notsame every were. For a white man am a little bit fat i will say.

Skidoc: I like them slim and curvy. Skidoc: And hey! Rhodalyn: fat woman is leaving well?? Rhodalyn: lol U mean just like me?? Oh yes! Like you my wife. Didn't you know that Rhodalyn is a female? I doubt she'll have to worry about a wife that will never exist, as she's planning on getting herself a husband! I don't think we like fat ladies per say,but i would prefer my chick to be plum,and well rounded, curvy hour glass shape with flesh in the right places, that is looking healthyly fresh, when she moves you could catch the veiw of the after shock in her boobs and ass, it kills me.

Someone has been Nigerian fattest women with their nakedness phat girls to much. Okay it's only in that movie that nigerian guys like fat women. They like Girls with big boobs, and ass.

They tolerate fat women, and don't kill em for being fat, but majority would rather do the curvatious ladies. Never mind gurl I wasn't trying to be a smart-ass speller myself. I better fatten myself up o. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

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