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Sometimes if I urinate soon after ejaculation, I will feel pain in my urethra Peeing sensation during ejaculation the tip of the penis. Also, sometimes I will feel mild discomfort even before I have urinated. The burning pain during urination usually only lasts for about 30 minutes with mild discomfort lasting another 30 minutes or so.

During this time, it feels like I can't empty my bladder and I end up visiting the bathroom many times, only urinating a little at a time. This only happens periodically and can happen after masturbation or intercourse. I have had this problem for several years now even before I Peeing sensation during ejaculation sexually active. Since it only happens once in a while, I haven't mentioned it to a doctor, but I'd like to know what the problem is and if I can do anything Peeing sensation during ejaculation it.

I plan on asking my doctor about this next time I go in for a checkup, but in the meantime I am hoping someone here can help me understand what is going on. Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. And I don't think that it's something I've caught from my sexual partner, as we have yet to have intercourse. Peeing sensation during ejaculation over a year ago I can't provide any advice or information to you, but the same thing has been happening for years to me as well I'm also I'd say that this happens to me a few times a year, Peeing sensation during ejaculation when I wasn't more careful about watching my fluid intake, it happened at least once a month for probably 6 months.

Guest over a year ago I agree with the guest above. I only get this when my bladder is full. And it is sure to happen every time. Guest over a year ago Happens to me also. I'm 23 as well, and this has been an ongoing problem for circa 5 years. I have no idea to how to prevent reoccurring, except abstinence!

Guest over a year ago Interesting, I have had exactly the same symptoms as this after ejacution for about the last 10 years. I am now Doesn't always happen, but is very uncomfortable when it does. As with others here, when it occurs it is usually preceeded by alcohol consumption.

Does anyone have any further information about this? Guest over a year ago Yeah, I get the exact same thing. It feels almost like your urethra is itchy, and you just want to find some way to scratch it. Guest over a year ago Why do I frequently have pain during my first urination after ejaculation? It is not unusual for the male to experience some burning dysuria during urination following ejaculation.

This is the result of friction developed along the urethra the lining of the penis during the act of sexual intercourse or masturbation. Urine moving along the urethra creates a burning sensation.

It should not be considered a sign of any active disease or indicative of injury to the penis but rather a natural event. However, if burning persists in the absence of ejaculation or sexual contact, some type of infection may be present. Guest over a year ago i'm 19 years old and it has also happend to me once at 18 but it started about a year ago, and it just recently came back Guest over a year ago I get Peeing sensation during ejaculation too Just an uncomfortable feeling, constant trips to the bathroom to urinate with little result, discomfort, etc Might it be linked to the prostate?

Guest over a year ago 23 m. I am sitting here waiting for that feeling to go away, I'm glad to know it sounds like a normal thing and not an std as I've had this for a few years.

The burning pain and trying to wait it out will drive you up the wall. Guest over a year ago Wow, I just googled this because I am experiencing this while drinking a beer! Guest over a year ago This is my remedy for this problem, because its normal. I drink cranberry juice if I get this burning sensation. Then I just wait until I have to urinate again, and the cranberry juice somehow helps sooth Peeing sensation during ejaculation little itch or burning feeling and things are all better.

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