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Grace scoffed loudly when she read the email on her laptop. She was sitting in the back of the bus next to her son. They were halfway to their destination, and at the current moment, the bus was in the hot desert of Arizona. She kept her eyes down on her laptop.

Apparently the senior Editor has lost her mind. Grace's eyes scanned the rest of the passengers. There were approximately 9 other people there. Most of them were sitting in the middle or the front of the bus.

Half were people her own age. The rest were seniors. At this point in the trip, most of them had dozed off. There was Sex jack in bus way anyone would have heard their discussion anyway. The bus was simply too loud and driving fast on the highway. Normally, she was always open with her son. She loved sharing details of articles she was working on.

And since Billy was a journalism major in college, she decided to fill him in on the latest story she was working on. She turned the Sex jack in bus to her son. My boss wants me to expand it to include all the different ways that people can have sex in flights or on a bus.

I'm trying to work out a compromise. I'll deliver the stupid clickbait article on sex in tight spaces, if she'll publish my story on harassment. You're getting paid to watch porn. She couldn't resist. She had to tease him about the time his computer broke. So he asked to use her personal bedroom computer to finish an essay he was working on. Unfortunately, some of his 'research' included Literotica stories which would shock most people's conscience.

Just like how you're looking at sex pictures to research a story. Just like I was doing. You really think I'd read those stories on my own?

No way. If Billy was telling the truth, he would have mentioned what his research paper was about. But he didn't. She just accepted the fact that her son liked incest erotica. What else could she do about it? They went back to doing their own things. Grace worked on her laptop. And Billy seemed as restless as ever. He was an energetic college student and all he could do was look at the view outside. The bus ride was going to last another hour. But I'm about to view something. Don't look at my laptop, okay?

A video played. In the corner of her eye, she saw her son taking a glance. That was when she closed her laptop. When the video played, I had to look. Mom, that was a hardcore porn video. It was an instructional video. I know that you watch it regularly. It just seems funny. Research, remember? Sex jack in bus my boss Naked black fat moms is views.

Sex sells and gets the most views. So she's pushing me to get this article done in a few days because traffic on our website has been dipping these past few weeks.

Let me write Sex jack in bus for you. To be honest, I'm excited to see my writings appear on a major news website. It's a dream of mine knowing that so many Sex jack in bus are reading what I've written. I'll admit. But this breaches ethical boundaries. So what ethical violations are there if no Sex jack in bus knows? There are moral considerations. I don't want to read your writings on sex. It'll make me feel Reading my sex article?

Or you having to finish that article alone? Face it, you're miserable. You're built to write Sex jack in bus on serious issues of the day. Not sex stuff. She knew he was right. What Grace loved was tackling important topics for her readers. Writing about sex had always made her uncomfortable, and she only had to do it recently because of new management wanting higher internet traffic.

How about that? She watched as he put it on his lap and played the video clip. It was of a naked woman riding a guy's lap. It was meant to be educational, but it was extremely arousing nonetheless. Since they had been Sex jack in bus together for the past few days, she knew that Billy didn't have much of an opportunity to masturbate. She Sex jack in bus he was pent up. She had enough life experience and sexual experience to know when a guy was wound up tight.

Mile high clubs in an airplane bathroom. Sex in the back of the bus. That sort of thing. My boss Sex jack in bus it's feasible.

I think it's crazy. I'd have to side with her. She doesn't understand legitimate news or important issues. All she cares about is ratings and views. Sex is possible Sex jack in bus such tight spaces. Men can do it sitting or standing upright. It's women who have to bend and flex and become gymnasts. Right here. You want me to model for you?

You'd be able to see the shape of my butt. And what they want Sex jack in bus more views and salacious articles. So if you play ball with them and give them what they want, you'll have more leeway to make your news articles. She knew that all Sex jack in bus. She just needed to hear someone say it to her in a reassuring way. To give her validation that she won't become a 'sellout,' which was her greatest fear. A duty to her readers was her top priority. And the only way to deliver hard news was to write these fluff pieces first.

Every journalist is in need of some extra money. In this position.

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