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Karen Essex moderator : Welcome! My name is Karen Essex. I wish I had been a movie star. I had to go back to Nashville with my husband when he came back from the war. Texas nude wives and milfs also regret that I was unable to have children. I wanted to have two boys and a girl. The doctor Bettie page being fondled I had a hormone imbalance so I was unable to have children. Usually they would shoot four or five models every Saturday.

So I did bondage shots to get paid for the other photos. He and Burt Lancaster, when they were young. I have bought every book on longevity and studied them and trying to do it. Just the thought of being and being able to move around would be wonderful.

Bettie Page: All this hogwash about me disappearing and not Bettie page being fondled other people. I decided I wanted to teach which was what I was trained Bettie page being fondled do in the first place. Bettie Page: To have more pictures taken outdoors. In the water and on the beaches. They said I was happier then and I was. And I was. I like being outdoors. I like to go cavorting in the nude in the forests. It is just another world. Bettie page being fondled take sunbaths in the nude.

Karen Essex: Do you think that the photos taken of you outside- cavorting, romping. Bettie Page: Yes, my younger sister was a blond until she was about 15 and then she lightened her hair. All her life she had blond hair and it looked good on her in the late s I decided to try it and it was a disaster with my sallow skin it looked awful.

I looked like a freak. I cut it off and wore a wig. Never again. Ivanovich asks: Bettie, Bettie page being fondled of all the books written about you, which is your favorite? And which is the most accurate? Bettie Page: Your book Karen laughs. Life of a Pinup Legend. Karen Essex did most of the writing and interviewing and stuck to what i said.

She quoted what I said and that is what I like in the book. Bettie Page: Yes I guess it has. I guess Bettie page being fondled models there is a lot of jealousy. I was Queen of the Food Industry in and the girl who came in second called me names. Bettie Page: I just know it is a delightful feeling to be in love and everyone should be in love once. Especially when couples are together 40 or 50 years like my brother Jack and his wife Gladys.

They still call each other dear and honey. I wish I had had that. Bettie Page: No, I stopped coloring my hair in October I was no longer working as a secretary, I was no longer working out in public.

Big gobs come out. Used to be it took me two hours to dry my big gob of hair. I have seen it 6 or 7 times and I still cry. My second favorite is Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly, it is very happy. My third favorite is Errol Flynn in Captain Blood. I also admire Billy Graham.

Bettie page being fondled ever there is a man of God it is Billy Graham. I counseled at the Crusades. I would counsel 19 girls during Bettie page being fondled crusades. He is a real man of God and still is. I admire the man very much. After all Adam and Eve were in the garden without clothes. I never thought I was degrading myself when I was posing nude. Mike Peterson asks: Do you think as a society we are too permissive about sex, too uptight about it, or just about Bettie page being fondled Bettie Page: Yes I do, I think it is a shame that so many girls and even Bettie page being fondled women that will go to bed with every Tom Dick and Harry that they meet.

I think you should be in love with someone. Sex is a part of love. Sideshow Bennie asks: Were you ever a hootchie dancer? Did you ever work the carnival circuit? Bettie Page: No, I was never a hootchie dancer in a carnaval. I think they mean a wiggle dancer. I like to go to carnivals though. Bettie Page: I guess just posing on the beach and in the water for Bunny and other photographers. I was very Bettie page being fondled doing that and carefree and playing in the water and the beach.

Bettie Page: Bunny Yeager is the stingiest woman God ever placed on the face of the earth. When I Bettie page being fondled posing for her she had been a pin up model herself. I posed for her 2 or 3 hours at a stretch. I posed for her for nothing. She said she would pay me when the photos sold but I never saw a penny.

Bettie Page: Irving Klaw was accused of pornography and never even did a nude shot of a woman. Sometimes we had to wear two pairs of panties so no shadow would show and nipples had to be covered completely. There was a story about a young boy killing himself because of my photos.

They were going to make me testify against him. They made me go down to the courtroom from 9am until 1am the next night with one sandwich and no one told me the courtroom was cleared and everyone went home.

No one told me. They were a bunch of dirty louses. I told them Bettie page being fondled would never testify to this. Jack Lemmon is a Janet mason vs brutus porn of mine. In school, I wondered why I wanted to sit Bettie page being fondled the blackboard, but my eyes never got any worse.

When I was driving, I had to Bettie page being fondled glasses for night driving. With all my supplements and vegetables, I think my vision has improved. I recommend taking lots of supplements and eating lots of vegetables. Craig Churchhill asks: What was working with Paula Klaw like? What was her role and how valuable was her presence?

Only Paula was allowed to tie us up. She was very gentle, caring and considerate. She never tied any ropes too tight. She was very sweet. She and Irving would take me to lunch — I liked them very much. I had designed some myself. I did think that God did disapprove of things I had done as a model. Speaking of bikinis, I have people making dollars off of me… one of the last jobs I did in NYC was for a couple down in Greenwich Village.

The wife wanted me to pose in all my bikinis Black big ass pussy fucked pics i thought it was strange. A while later, someone sent Bettie page being fondled an ad — they were selling Bettie Page bikinis — dirty trick — they had copied my bikinis. Bettie Page: Oh yes. I like to sew.

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