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The Hunt of the Lonely Heart. Ginny Weasley had grown up the baby, and the only girl. Far from being spoiled, she had been in some ways lonely, and she had learned early on that if she wanted something that she had to go after it with determination, and she had to be smart about it.

And there was something that Ginny wanted very badly indeed. She had been determined, and she had been smart, and she had been patient. Ginny Weasley had set out to seduce and ensnare Hermione Granger not long after she had met the Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude girl, and she had played her cards in a manner that would have secured her the World Poker Championship. Ginny had no regrets, and no guilt, not even a little, at steering Hermione away from Ron, for clearly Ron had never deserved her.

Aside from some excitement during the war, that relationship had always been tepid at best. Harry would be just fine; women and men were lined up deep trying to get his attention. But Harry had been a central figure in Hermione's life, and Ginny had sought to co-opt that space, that attention. She Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude careful to always be available for Hermione, a shoulder to lean on, an attentive and sympathetic ear.

And all the while she was subtly leading Hermione away from Ron, suggesting that perhaps Ron simply wasn't right for her, that she deserved someone who would appreciate her more, and not take her for granted. Hermione came to rely on her, and found herself drawn to her. Ginny made her feel safe, and appreciated, and Hermione felt closer to Ginny than anyone else. She was really the perfect friend. In time Hermione had come to assume that Ginny would always be there, simply because she could not imagine life without her.

The "Golden Trio" had become a quartet; the four of them were almost always together. Ginny and Hermione shared quarters when they traveled, or when Hermione came to visit at the Burrow. In a calculated move, Ginny gradually became less reticent about changing in front of Hermione, their long friendship rendering modesty an unneeded formality in Ginny's view. Ginny was careful however, only to discreetly display her charms.

A glimpse of breast, a glimmer of buttock, the occasional reveal of a neatly trimmed groin, and Hermione found herself trying to see more, the tantalizing peeks playing on her natural curiosity. Ginny had a truly beautiful body, especially if you favored the athletic type, and Hermione did, perhaps because her own figure was more Rubenesque.

Before too long Hermione wondered what that soft-looking, Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude, skin would feel like, how it would be to hold and touch this woman who had always been Abella danger take selfies nude with phone for her, who had never failed in her love for Hermione.

Ginny Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude this attention, and the thought of Hermione wanting to look at her set a fire in her belly that would not go out. She was seated at her dresser brushing her hair one evening at the Burrow, her robe casually open and her nipples occasionally showing through the hair that lay shining and thick on her breasts as she brushed it.

Hermione was in bed reading, or pretending to, as she stole frequent glances at the mirror. Ginny took care to graze her nipples with the brush, and they responded eagerly, wrinkling and tightening and taking on a glow in response to the stimulus. Hermione soon abandoned all pretense of reading, and when Ginny saw that, she slowly began to pull and roll one of her nipples between a finger and thumb.

She was careful not to make eye contact Teen pink stockings choker Hermione in the mirror; so it was as if she had forgotten that Hermione was there. She even let her eyes close as the pleasurable feeling spread through her. The knowledge that Hermione was watching, that she wanted to watch, sent the blood rushing to her pussy, and the need built. Hermione could scarcely breathe; how often had she imagined Ginny naked as she masturbated alone in her bed?

She had tried to think of Ron, of Victor, even Harry, but when her body yielded to the pleasure it was always Ginny's face that she saw, and Ginny's hands that she imagined. It did not occur to her that this was by design, that Ginny had wanted her to feel that way, that the years of listening and holding had always been for Ginny something other than friendship. Ginny had kept things very low key during the war, because she knew that Hermione had an important part to play and she cared too much for her to fundamentally alter her world while she was in such peril.

Ginny allowed a sigh to escape her lips, and her legs shifted apart as she sat before the mirror. Hermione could not see Ginny's left hand slide across her thigh and in between her legs. But Hermione could see the motion of that shoulder under the thin robe, and as her brain worked out what must be going on her mouth went dry. Of its own accord, Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude of Hermione's hands abandoned the book and slipped beneath the sheet, the fingers trailing up her thigh and across her stomach before sliding into her panties.

She soon found where the moisture in her mouth had gone to. It did not occur to Hermione that she was in fact indulging in mutual masturbation with her best friend, because the moment blended so seamlessly with her fantasies, with the myriad glimpses she had Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude of Ginny, and with her own imaginings, that this seemed wholly normal.

Not that she could have stopped at this point, and when she saw Ginny's hips begin to move she slipped a finger into herself and moaned softly as her eyes closed.

Ginny heard that, and opened Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude eyes just enough to see. Her heart nearly stopped at what Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude mirror revealed to her. Hermione was propped up in bed, holding a book with one hand while the other was obviously busy beneath the sheet.

As in a dream, Hermione's eyes opened and fell on the sight of Ginny seated before her. She was naked and open, and her fingers shone with the wet from inside her. You don't have to say anything now, just watch, and see how much I want you. Hermione could do nothing but watch. Well, apart from tending to her own arousal, that is.

She had never seen anything half so beautiful in her life, and as she watched Ginny straining for release it occurred to her that she was actually in love with her. It was quite a nice thought to have as one came she decided as she rode out her orgasm. Hermione opened her eyes to see Ginny standing beside the bed, she said nothing, but slid over and The jungle book porn the sheet in invitation. Ginny slid into bed beside her and embraced her.

You Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude you loved Ron, and you didn't know you could love another girl like this. I had to take my time and show you. And flattered, and impressed. Weren't you worried that I wouldn't be attracted to a girl, though? It excites me for you to look at me, it always has.

I've waited a long time for this night, 'Mione. Percy might pretend to disapprove, but I've been ignoring him for years. Ron has no gripe, since he's been seeing Lavender again, and frankly I think they're good for each other. Lavender makes him feel smart. I'm pretty sure Dad will be okay with it as long as I'm happy, and Mum… I bet the first thing she says is something about grandchildren. What about your parents? Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't kind of nervous about all this.

I've wanted this for so long I can face anything, just as long as I have you. Honestly, if you are the only person left in my life I will be perfectly content. And as much as I want to kiss you right now I think we'd better get down and help Mum with breakfast.

Big news lands easier on full bellies. Call it practice if you like," Hermione insisted. Ginny's lips found hers, and Hermione was overwhelmed by the softness of Ginny's mouth, the gentle and yet overwhelming nature of the kiss that was unlike Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude she had experienced. Hermione whimpered as Ginny broke the kiss. Your turn now though," Ginny replied. Hermione rose and found a pair of jeans to pull on, and as she had slept in a t-shirt, bra, and panties that was the bulk of her dressing.

It's cute, but I'll have you dancing naked Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude you know it," Ginny said with her impish grin. Hermione tended to doubt that, but she knew better than to underestimate Ginny's power of persuasion now. They put on their shoes and Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude down the stairs.

Honestly, the two of you belong together like bacon and eggs! Speaking of that dear, would you go Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude get some eggs? I've known how you feel about Hermione for ages; it just wasn't my place Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude say anything.

Hermione darling, I'm thrilled! I always wanted another daughter, and if I could have asked for one special, she would be just like you," Mrs. Weasley promised. I thought you'd go Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude about Grandchildren, or fret about Ron, or something. Pish, I love him of course, but Hermione would be wasted on him.

Gin dear, you're a much better match for our Hermione," Molly promised. Did you think that I wouldn't know love when I saw it? Or did you think that that I had never known the love of a woman?

Because you would be wrong there, Arthur won over some pretty fierce competition, I can tell you! It Old and young pantyhose drove him mad because he didn't know how to compete with her. I've always loved you, and I'm thrilled that you want to be with Ginny. You need a firebrand like my Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude. And while I am thrilled for you both, I do have to mention that not everyone else will be so happy about this.

The others will be down here shortly, and I would advise you to wait until after breakfast before you spread the good news. You're a remarkable woman, Hermione, all the more so because you love my Ginny. But let's get ready to feed the masses now, would you check on the bread, dear? Breakfast at the Burrow was always chaos when everyone was there, and this morning pretty much everyone was.

There was Fred's empty chair of course, and the plate of food that was always put Hermione granger and ginny weasley nude Big booty xxx galleries large gatherings.

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