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Man A: Typically once a day unless I'm traveling with others or something else is going on. More than once a day if I'm alone for extended periods of time and feeling depressed.

Man B: On average, probably once a day. Man C: Usually once or twice a day, depending. Man A: Anytime between getting home from work and falling asleep.

I'll either do it on the couch or in bed. Man B: Usually at home not long after I leave work. Man C: At home, generally before bed or a nap. Man D: Usually at my desk or on my bed. In the morning, if I'm not getting up right away, always in the evening, usually several times, and sometimes during the day. Are you in a relationship currently? Does your partner know how much you masturbate, or do you downplay it?

Man A: I've discussed masturbation with every serious sexual partner. Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios don't make a point to mention it, but it's a part of everyone's sexual self-awareness.

It comes up in the bedroom. Man B: Yes. But being frank about it with my wife is a fairly new development. Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios C: We don't keep any running tally or anything, but otherwise yes, my partner is very aware of my masturbation habits, and I am of hers as well. Man D: Yes, my domme knows and controls my masturbatory habits. Do you masturbate more or less often when Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios in a relationship? Man A: It depends on the distance.

Man B: It's been five or six years since I've Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios single, so I don't really remember. For some reason, I want to say more.

Man C: I would say this is about equal. Partners in my Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios were a little odd on mutual masturbation, but my current and I find a lot of joy in masturbating together. Man D: Probably more, because of the denial. What do you think about when you masturbate? Occasionally my mind will wander to ex-girlfriends. Man B: Either memorable moments from sex I've had or scenes from porn. Occasionally, I can just concentrate on the sensation of it and not have to think about anything else.

Man C: My partner, most often. Memories that are very romantic, such as when my proposal was accepted. We were making love at the time and it was such a soft answer and my heart skipped a beat.

We held each other very tightly after. Man D: My domme, and the fact that I'm not Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios to have an orgasm. Are there any particular techniques you use?

Man A: Death grip. Seriously though, I make a loose fist around the shaft and slide up and down adjusting the pressure where desired. If I'm on my back, I will occasionally use two fingers to rub the frenulum. I only rarely use lube because it's sort of a hassle.

Man B: I start with my fingertips until I'm as hard as I'll get and then use a full-hand hold until the end. Man C: I really, really enjoy soft, long strokes. None of that jackhammer powergrip that kills sensation. The spot that wants attention most shifts as I ebb towards climax. Often, it starts near the base and ends right under the ridge. Man D: No, I'm pretty unimaginative in that regard, though when I first started, I'd hold the shaft in one hand and rub the head against the opposite palm.

How old were you when you first masturbated Cd hose pantie tg tgirl transgender orgasm? Man A: Ten? I don't remember exactly. Man B: Probably 12 or so, but I wish it had been later. I didn't understand much about sex then, but I knew I would probably get in trouble if I got caught doing whatever it was that I was doing.

Because of that, there was a shame and fear of getting caught attached to it instead of just needing some privacy and handling things in a mature way. Man C: I was either 10 or It might have been the power grip, and it might have been my body going "Ah!

Thing, thing, thing, thing! Man D: Hard to remember, but probably about Man A: I had been in the bath with a squirt gun and realized it felt amazing when the water rushed against the underside of my penis. Man B: I don't think I really had a motive.

It just seemed the natural way to respond to exciting stimuli. One day, I tried wrapping my whole hand around myself, and that seemed to be what got it — though to orgasm took longer, and wondering what was on the other side of the pain. Glory of glories, it was bliss. Man D: If I Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios, I was in the bath, with the shower going and falling onto my body. Where it hit my cock, it felt really nice, and it sort of went from there.

Do you remember what you thought and how you felt when you first did it? Man A: Otherworldly. I remember it taking my breath away. Looking back, I'm fairly certain my earliest orgasms were much stronger than the ones I've experienced as an adult. Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios B: I was really surprised when I came.

I don't know what I expected instead of the end result. Man C: Relief, finally, and wanting more. And wondering what the hell had just happened and how to clean it. And what are your usual reasons for masturbating now?

Man A: Boredom, routine, feeling turned on, wanting to release tension — all of the above. Routine is maybe the most common. I also like that it makes me more likely to fall asleep quickly.

Man B: I start feeling uneasy if I haven't had an orgasm from sex or masturbating in a day or two — it's a longer time after sex. Boredom has been the reason several times. Man C: I usually masturbate because it feels good, I need to wear myself out, release tension, and I seem to be wired to be very welcoming of erections and pleasure. Vehicle vibrations are nice and highly inconvenient. Man D: Arousal, which, at the moment, is rather higher than normal, since at the time of writing, it's three weeks since I was allowed an orgasm.

Do you use porn or other stimulants to get you in the mood? Man A: Yes. I almost always use the Internet. The laptop to read stories, look at photos, watch videos, or my phone to listen to Marine men have their ouwn masturbate vedios recordings. Man B: I'm usually in the mood before I begin, but porn helps the whole process. Man C: Yes indeed. I prefer porn that is produced by women Anal gallery nude woman of the tendency to not exploit or demean the parties involved.

Food is another stimulant I enjoy. Man D: I use porn, blogs, and sometimes chat sites, as well as conversations with kinky friends. What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened when you were masturbating? Maybe not weird so much as just very unexpected. Man B: When I was really young Naked taylor swift nude fakes hadn't been doing it for very long, my little brother walked in the room.

I was able to cover up and pull up another tab on the Internet browser, but the video and sound were still running. Man C: Perhaps one time, the bits and pieces refused to orgasm? To be fair, that may have been a day where I was up to five or six already.

Hardly weird. What's better — masturbation or sex? Man A: Sex if there's an emotional connection, no question. Maybe roughly equal?

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