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Bethesda has released a final version of the 1. A final patch for the Shivering Isles expansion pack Oblivion nude mod for patches also been released over Xbox Live for Xbox users. Bethesda has released an updated beta patch v1. Bethesda has stated that there haven't been any reports of the glitch in the Xbox version yet. Bethesda has released patch v1.

Many "duping" exploits and other cheats no longer work. Bethesda has released the final v1. Bethesda Oblivion nude mod for patches released a beta patch for the German and French versions of Oblivion. The patches update to 1. Bethesda released patch v1. Among numerous bug and quest fixes, the patch also fixes the "duping" infinite money and items exploits that players have found.

Oblivion nude mod for patches Softworks has released their first beta patch for Oblivion for the English version. While the patch addresses many known issues, the patch is still a beta and should be used with caution. In addition, Bethesda strongly suggests that if you are not experiencing any problems currently, you should not install the patch yet. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Compatibility Patch? I downloaded a mod the other day called Local Guard Features. For anyone who doesn't know it, it makes it so that all armors in Oblivion Categories :. Cancel Save.

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