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B arry was sentenced Sex offenders chemical castration life in prison in for murdering a man, a random stranger who'd refused him a light for his cigarette. He didn't think of himself as a sex offender. Girls having sex through yoga pants is a voyeur — "That's my thing.

I like to look" — and has never been convicted of a sexual offence. It could be any girl, from the age of 13 to 60 — I would ensure that I would be sat in a position where I could see up her skirt. Or if she's wearing trousers, I'd be stood where I could see down her top. I wonder what type they are. On the two occasions Barry was released on licence, he would spend his day scouting town for locations to see up skirts or down tops, and bought goggles to see underwater at his local swimming pool.

And this was every single day. The first time Barry was Sex offenders chemical castration, after serving almost 12 years, he took a shine to a year-old colleague at the chip shop where he worked.

Subconsciously, the idea was to get her absolutely well and truly drunk, incapable of stopping me getting what I wanted. And that was, I wanted to see her underwear. All through the evening, he says, "My mind was working overtime, trying to work out when would be the best time to get what I wanted. But my plan was having to change all the time, because things were happening that were not under my control.

He says she smiled. I'm not going to do anything to you. All you've got to do is just undo your zip and pull open your jeans. She tried to escape, he grabbed her, they struggled, she screamed, he Sex offenders chemical castration her go and she was gone. In he was returned to jail, and has been there ever since. It's natural for a man to look. I realised the voyeurism is a sex offence. It's invading a woman's personal space without Sex offenders chemical castration permission.

I wanted to change my behaviour — I knew that it was wrong — but even after all of the programmes that I'd done, still nothing seemed to work. So when a prison doctor offered him a pill that might take away his sex drive, "I Sex offenders chemical castration think twice.

I jumped at it. And I haven't looked back. Clinicians prefer the term "anti-libidinal psychopharmacological intervention", and it consists of Sex offenders chemical castration sex offenders with drugs that fall into two broad categories. For patients with obsessive sexual fantasies, antidepressants from the family of SSRIs that includes Prozac, often prescribed to treat obsessive compulsive disorder, can help them control their sexual thoughts.

The second and more radical approach is an anti-androgen drug, such as leuprorelin, which reduces testosterone levels to those of a prepubescent boy, and makes the patient impotent. Intrials were proposed in prisons in England and Wales, since when roughly sex offenders have volunteered for treatment.

Prisoners must apply to be transferred there, and admission of guilt is a condition of entry. The jail operates six different SOTPs, all based on cognitive behavioural therapy, each tailored to different needs, such as learning disabilities, delivered alongside other behaviour and resettlement programmes. There's all kinds of things which make alarm bells ring. So far more than 50 prisoners have volunteered for the treatment, and an early evaluation last summer was encouraging. Volunteers are treated with SSRIs first, but a minority such as Barry ﻣﻘﺎﻃﻊ ﺍﻟﻴﻜﺴﺲ ﺗﺎﻛﺴﺲ ﺳﻜﺲ advanced to anti-androgens, and both groups reported a significant reduction in sexual preoccupation, arousal and masturbation.

But a reduced Sex offenders chemical castration will not necessarily translate into reduced reoffending, and in the absence of double blind randomised trials the data remains Naked vulva genital photos. Such trials would be difficult to conduct with sex offenders, not least because the side-effects of anti-androgens are so marked, making it obvious who'd received the drug as opposed to the placebo.

Breast growth, hot flushes, heart problems and osteoporosis make anti-androgens, as Professor Grubin has said, "a pretty heavy-duty measure to prevent reoffending". The governor of Whatton, Lynn Saunders, is well aware that public fears can lead to alarmist misreporting of any treatment. We're trying to stop the people we lock up from doing this again. That's the key thing for me. The majority of them Sex offenders chemical castration get out and will possibly be living next door to you or me.

That's my bottom line. We need to make sure they are as safe as possible to live next door to you or me or your children. It's fair to say that Kontaktannonser eskort jenter oslo would not have been most people's ideal next-door neighbour. Now in his 50s, he has an unwavering gaze and holds himself unusually still.

Had we met before he began treatment, he says, "You would not have liked me. You would have felt very uncomfortable in my presence. Barry began treatment with an SSRI, but after about 10 weeks his old thoughts began coming back, so he asked for the anti-androgen.

Above all, the drugs have created Sex offenders chemical castration in his head for change. With the drugs, it's helped me to have a clear mind. I don't want to see every woman as a sexual object; I want to see her for who she is. I've never been able to do that before. It's always been me, me, me.

Most of Whatton's volunteers report similarly impressive results without even taking anti-androgens. Mark, in his mids, is being treated with an SSRI, following a conviction in for inciting a year-old girl to have phone sex with him.

It was his first conviction, and he says it was his first offence, but Mark's sexual obsession with underage girls had taken over his life. Terrified of being found out, tormented by self-disgust, at the time of his arrest he was isolated, paranoid and profoundly depressed. Less obviously institutionalised than Barry, he also seems more troubled by how his story may affect me.

He strikes me as heartbreakingly lonely, and says his victim's name with a tenderness that would probably enrage me were she my daughter or sister, but I suspect is his way of trying to acknowledge the harm he knows he has done.

I was always controlled by my urges to masturbate, but now I don't. The drugs have cleared my head away from all the junk.

It's not a miracle cure, he stresses. Dr Adarsh Kaul isn't surprised by these prisoners' accounts. The consultant forensic psychiatrist has been treating sex offenders with drugs for more than 20 years, but until now almost all had been referred Room in rome nudity after their release. But if it's really so successful and inexpensive, why hasn't it been made Sex offenders chemical castration It's not always easy to monitor compliance when it is a compulsory thing.

The ethical objections to compulsory medication that can have such serious side-effects are self-evident, but Kaul claims these have been overstated. He has yet to encounter a case of osteoporosis, and breast enlargement can be corrected with minor surgery. A small number of prisoners have chosen to withdraw from treatment, but only a fraction, he says, have stuck with that decision. Most, he says, asked to stop because they believed they were cured, "A bit like people do with antibiotics — they stop taking them as soon as they feel better.

Sex offenders chemical castration was wrong. Can I go back on it, please? But critics dispute the efficacy of the treatment, and challenge its fundamental premise.

Most sex offending on adults is more closely related to violence and domination than to lust. Dr Kaul sighs wearily. The answers are not simple. All sex offending is not just about sex, nor just about power, nor just about control, nor just about anything. These are very simplistic views on the nature of the problem. The world of the sex offender is not like that.

That world is complex, and for complex problems you need complex solutions. Could the critics not at least be on to something, though? If some men respond to antidepressants, but others need anti-androgens to control testosterone, doesn't this tell us something about the underlying explanations? None has had levels higher than the upper limit of the normal range. So it is not Sex offenders chemical castration about testosterone levels; Jordan porn star nude is also something about that particular individual's sensitivity to it in his brain.

There is no argument I can give to those who say, 'What's the proof? They are still in prison. And a lot of them will stay there until a parole board decides they no longer pose a danger. Governor Sex offenders chemical castration acknowledges the controversy Iron bottom sound hotel them.

Not one. Mark's IPP sentence set a month minimum tariff, but he has served more than five years. Since volunteering for drug treatment, he has had a parole hearing, but it was rejected. I know it's never going to be, 'Well I'll take this tablet and I'll never offend again'. It's never going to be like that. It's always going to be on me to take the tablet and carry on doing what Sex offenders chemical castration doing to change myself. But for a parole board just to almost dismiss it, as if it was Sex offenders chemical castration me taking the drugs because it looks good… well, that's completely wrong.

I'm taking them because they work. If a parole board doesn't want to believe that, then fine. But I'll carry on taking them, and maybe one day they'll see they were wrong.

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